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Our Dogs

If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, the first step is to fill out our application.  A member of our Adoption Coordination team will be in touch with you.  The second step is to attend one of our meet n' greets - dates and times to be announced.  The final steps of the adoption process are a home visit and adoption fee.

 The dogs in the Canine CellMates program are all pulled from Fulton County Animal Control, under the management of Lifeline Animal Project, a high-kill facility. In the process of selecting the dogs, each one undergoes extensive temperament testing to determine their suitability for the program. Under the supervision of volunteer professional trainers, the dogs and their handlers spend eight weeks learning basic obedience. Equally important, the dogs are socialized around a variety of people and other dogs during this period.

Canine CellMates’ dogs are eligible for adoption after the eight-week training period and completion of the CGC test, although potential adopters can submit applications and be approved as adopters before the training period ends. Canine CellMates will carefully screen all adoption applications to ensure the right match between dog and person. Click here for adoption application. After filling out application, please re-save it or print and scan it and email your completed application to: adopt@caninecellmates.org.

Like all dogs adopted from FCAS, the Canine CellMates graduates are fully vaccinated, micro chipped, spayed or neutered, and have started monthly heartworm prevention.

 Canine CellMates will also include an Aftercare Network, a group of volunteers willing to work with adoptive families and their dogs to help integrate and keep the dog in the new home. Adoptive families will be asked to attend 4 follow-up training sessions after adoption, to ensure that the families know how to recognize and reinforce positive behaviours, and how to correct undesirable behaviours. Needs that arise after those suggested training sessions will be addressed on a case-by-case basis by this team of volunteers.

Below are the dogs currently in the Canine CellMates program.  Please follow the progress of these dogs in their journey in the program on our Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/CanineCellMates.

Miley with the blue eye

Miley was trapped in a crate in her earlier days and she wasn't allowed out.  But, guess what?  This sweet girl does not care at all!!!  She's now "living the life!"  She's so darn happy to be amongst friendly folks, that she doesn't know what to do.  This is a sweet, happy girl who loves nothing more than snuggling up next to your feet.  She's housebroken in her foster home  (these ...habits always need reinforcing at a new home), has basic obedience skills, loves little dogs and cats. She has the spirit and habits of a bouncy, fun, young Boxer!!  Give Miley-girl a chance and submit your application today! Email adopt@caninecellmates.org today.

Taz, NOT the Tasmanian Devil

Taz is looking for her forever home! Though Taz had a rough start in life, nothing stops this girl from shining.  She will make a wonderful companion for a family who wants a young, fun dog without the fuss of a puppy.   She's CGC certified and is such a snuggly love bug. She's a pit mix with a beautiful black and chocolate coat.  She gets along great with dogs and people and deserves a chance for a happy ending. Taz is approximately 2 - 3 years old and is a fun, lively, happy little lady! Please give her the chance to brighten your day every day!! Submit your application for Taz today at adopt@caninecellmates.org

Chance, deserving of a 2nd chance

Chance is a darling who we fell in love with at the shelter and had to have for Canine CellMates. If you spend more than a second with him, you will know why we have to call him “sweet baby Chance!!” He's the youngest dog in the program and is such a doll baby!!  He’s awesome in a car and is just so sweet and loving.  He's playful with the other dogs and like many dogs, loves a good game of fetch.  If Chance is your choice, email your application to adopt@caninecellmates.org

Natalie, a natural-born beauty

Natalie is a young, adult Boxer mix.  She's a sweet, happy and loving dog.  She likes to be the "Queen Bee" around other female dogs, but she's never met a human she didn't adore!  She's a super-sweet girl who will brighten your day with her wiggly butt and little bat ears!  She loves to play but she's also mature enough to enjoy just hanging out quietly with her human.  Fill out an application today and email it to adopt@caninecellmates.org

Naaman, adored warrior survivor

Naaman is a young, lab mix with a heart of gold.   His name is a biblical one which was given to him by his handler Mario.  Mario chose this name because Naaman was a very respected, even adored warrior, who suffered and healed from a great disease that existed in biblical times.  "Warrior" is a perfect description for Naaman as he's survived a hard life on the streets as well as surviving heartworms. It's not difficult to fall in love with his happy grin and his exuberance for life.  He's goofy and just loves people. He will make a wonderful addition to most any family. He'll enjoy playing and getting belly rubs.   Bring Naaman home!  Email adopt@caninecellmates.org today and fill out your application.

Tyra, sweet as sugar

Tyra is sweeter than any candy.  She is a young, social butterfly with a sweet heart and she will immediately steal yours!  Her personality is large and her stature small; she weighs in around 40 pounds.  At under a year old, she's become quite the gentle, young lady with impeccable manners and grace.  She'd make a wonderful family dog, good with children of all ages and will enjoy being part of a family.  To make her part of your family, email your application to adopt@caninecellmates.org

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